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Inventa Technologies Private Limited(ITPL), founded in 1989, has a successful journey serving clients in the core area of Engineered Polymer compounding, and Technical recycling of plastics. Started as a Turn-key engineering and Twin-Screw extruder manufacturing company and served pan India with its Innovation and Technology. In 2005, started its own polymer compounding facility and continued to provide solutions to clients with

  • Toll Compounding of polymer resins for variousclients
  • Technical Recycling of plastics parts into value engineered Polymer compound for demanding applications.
  • INVENTA branded Engineered Plastics Compounds, namely, ZieLENE, ZieLON, ZieLOY, ZieFLAM, ZieMAX, ZieXAN, ZieBOND

Most recent new products developed and ready to launch: A number ofunique & usefulHybrid Engineering products from comingled Recyclable plastics stream, based on it’s “sustainability solution & Nanomaterials Technology”.

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The Founder & CMD

Dr. Asis K Banerjie, founded INVENTA in 1989 in Chennai, India. Dr.B is well known as “Leading Innovator with Complete practicality in Mind” in the field of Specialty engineered polymers. He has been practicing the “Innovation to commercialization” process since the time of his first employment in 1978, after his Ph.D in Nanolayered Conducting Polymer films, fromfamous Macro-Molecular Science Dept at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH,USA. His “Innovation to Commercialization R&D” continued rigorously during his employment with BF Goodrich (Brecksville, OH), Allied Signal in Morristown NJ(Now Honeywell), TRIMAX Inc (now Renew Plastics USA), Ovation Polymers Inc (OPTEM USA),... etc to name a few. He has many awards of Innovation to his credits during his more than 40 years of Techno commercial career, globally and More than 25 patents, covering Polymer alloys/blends, Technical Recycling of comingled plastics, Reactive extrusion, Nano materials (Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Nano cellulose..etc) & composites.

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